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Below is an extract of a letter I received. It seems like an ideal subject for a new page. Apart from the Ship On Shore figurehead there is one on the sea wall near Richmond Street. Chatham Maritime Museum is restoring a sloop built at Sheerness.

It would be interesting to know if there are other Sheppey related examples around.

Richard Hunter

Figurehead Historian the moment I am researching in to the subject of International Ships Figureheads, both Naval and Merchant, plus other Maritime Woodcarvings that may have survived in the Worlds private and public collections, I have been working on this ongoing project for the past twenty five years or more, and during that time I have been able to amass a vast archive of material on the subject of Ships Carvings and would be most sincerely grateful if you could help me, or if this is not possible if you could pass this letter on to a relevant individual that you think may be able to help.

The other day I bought for my research files the enclosed post-card, showing the Ship-on-Shore at Sheerness with a figurehead on the top, I have seen a second card showing the building from a different view point, showing that it also had a second figurehead round the other side, do you know of the building and it's history, I would imagine that it has long gone, and that both the building and figureheads are now history, looking at the card I cannot make out the name or business on the sign board, apart from the words "& Sons, I would very much welcome any information that you may have on the "SHIP-ON-SHORE" as I am sure it must have a fascinating local history.

I hope that you can help me with regards to the above and I look forward to hearing from you in the near future, Should you know of ANY other Figureheads in your area, in local collections I would be very interested to hear, as I am always looking for new material and locations. On the subject of International Ships Figureheads.

Details of my work and research can be found on my Web site at I hope you will find this of interest.

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