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This page has nothing to do with Sheppey. However I get a number of requests for tracing ancestors.

Most of this page has been copied from a Daily Express article, and I would be more than happy to add to the list.

Please refer to the Sheppey Link site for any relevant Sheppey sites.
Huge US genealogy resource that covers more than 274 million names.

Australia and New Zealand Passenger Lists:
Again, if you think your ancestors may have been on some of the migrant ships headed for Australia and New Zealand, check the lists here.

Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies:
A good source of information on genealogical resources in Australia, so may be of help if you think relatives may have settled there. Also includes a good set of links to useful sites.

Commonwealth War Graves Commmission:
Search the register of names, service details and places of commemoration for the 1.7 million members of the Commonwealth forces who died in the First and Second World Wars.

Family History in India
For people who are tracing their family history in India, Burma, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Resources include church records and Indian cemetery listings.

Immigrant Ship Transcribers' Guild:
Immigration into Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the US, etc. This fabulous resource provides passenger lists which might let you trace branches of your family. You can search by port of departure or arrival or by date (one of the lists dates back to the 1600s).

National Archives of Ireland:
Good advice on how to begin a search for relatives in Ireland.

One of the Internet's oldest and biggest genealogy sites where you can search for information on a specific surname.

The UK Society of Genealogists online:
Heaps of information on how to go about researching your family history, including a surname index and articles from the magazine 'Computers in Genealogy'.

The WorldGenweb Project:
This project sets out to connect the world through genealogy. The aim is to set up every country with its own GenWeb site which links to regional genealogy resources.

UK Archival Repositories on the Internet:
Useful list of digitised online archives.
UK Public Records Office:         
Good advice on how to go about tracking your ancestors and what government resources are available.

UK and Ireland Genealogical Information Service (GENUKI):
Links and information on ail manner of UK and Ireland-focused genealogical resources.

WITHOUT a doubt the biggest collector of genealogical material is the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints (the Mormons) - they have some files from Britain as well as the United States.

The Mormons believe that researching your ancestors is a sacred activity and have collected more than two million reels of parish records, marriage indexes, census reports and pilgrim registers covering two billion-plus names.

You'll find the results at the FamilySearch Internet Genealogy Service, I found the most useful place to start was at UK specific genealogical resources. Click on the Browse Categories option from the Family Search home page and select the underlined text Places. Choose Great Britain. You'll now see a list of records split into categories including town records, school records and voting registers.

You can also buy CD-Roms of census records from this site. The 1851 British census records disc holds 1.5 million names from the counties of Devon, Norfolk and Warwick, while the 1881 census CD includes the whole census and
its national index. The Mormons may also run one of their Family History Centres in a town near you; they can be valuable sources of information and advice. You'll find a list on the Family Search website or call 0121-384 2028.

The other huge US genealogy resource is Ancestrycom at It holds information on 274 million names from 1,708 databases with new ones being added every day. Like the FamilySearch site the focus is largely on the US; however, you can narrow your search down to UK resources only. Unlike the Family Search site this is a commercial enterprise and to make a full search you'll have to become a member which will set you back around £40 a year

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