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6th October 2003

Vic Basten

Hi, My name is Vic Basten. I grew up at Maidstone in Kent, emigrating to Australia in 1965.

After many years researching my family tree, I discovered that My Grandfather changed his name to Basten from Bastard, just before he married.

I have now been successful in tracing my family back to 1730. On the Isle of Sheppey.

William Bastard born arround 1730, moved to Sheppey. Married Elizabeth Mezzen,in 1750.
Their Son John Bastard, married Ann pichcote, in 1784. Their Son Thomas Bastard married Francis Robins, in 1823. Their Son Stephen Bastard married Jane Madocks Robins,1882.
Their Son George Stephen Robins Bastard, changed his name to Basten before he got married to Caroline Treble,in 1885.
Their son Victor Frederick Basten married Ivy Stubberfield,in 1929. producing me in 1939.

I would like to hear from anyone with an interest in any of the above surnames. I have quite a lot of information to exchange.

Happy hunting,  Vic Basten. Belmont NWS Australia.