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January 05, 2001

Mrs Susan Field, formerly DUFF
15 Alexander Court
Rasmussen Townsville
Queensland 4815

Hi Peter, I was very pleased to come across your Sheppey website. It brings back many memories for me but where do I begin? I was born in my parents house at 111 Halfway Road, Sheerness in 1951. I emmigrated to Australia with my parents, sister and brother in 1961. I would dearly love to find and perhaps get in touch with some of my old childhood friends but I wonder if this is possible. It has been such a long time.

My dearest and best friend at the time lived at 29 (?) Ranelagh Road, Sheerness. We were both ten years old and went to school at the Holy Trinity School in Sheerness. Her name is (was) Sylvia Mills. Her Mothers' name is Rose. I went back home in 1994. It was such an emotional experience for me. I tried then to find someone, anyone who knew me or my family but without success. There was a short story of my return placed in the local newspaper. I noticed regretfully that the school is no longer there and is now a vacant space but my beloved Church is still there - The Holy Trinity Church in Sheerness.

I would like to make this email public in the hope that someone who knows of me or my family will contact me. Is there a home for the aged in Sheppey? If so, my uncle is a resident and I believe still living. He is my Mothers brother and his name is Edward May. He is my Mothers only sibling and they have not seen or heard from one another in at least 39 years. I have listed below some of the friends that I had as a child. Perhaps if they visit your site, they or a family member will recognise a name and contact me:

Sylia Mills
Linda Love
Valeria Joyner
Susan Joyner
Christina Tristram
Danny Percival
Margaret Nicolas
Rosemary Nicolas
Robert Nicolas

The Nicolas's lived at 2 Trinity Road Sheerness. Their Father was Dr Jack Nicolas and their Mother, Pearl Nicolas. These are the names of my family members including myself:

Susan Duff   self
Ernest Duff   Father
Dorothy Duff   Mother
Dorothy Duff   Sister
Brenda Duff   Sister
June (Margaret) Duff   Sister
Stewart Duff   brother
David Duff   brother