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14th January

Dave Crofts
29 Squires croft,
Old Clipstone,
NG21 9BX

Phone: 01623 824773

Fax: same

 Hi peter, glad to see someone has got to grips with local history and events. Sorry to hear about the council chaos; is not the same every where?

I am trying with great difficulty may I add, to uncover any info about Sheerness during the Dunkirk episode 1940. I have tried local history societies, libraries etc but got no joy from Sheerness itself. I am about to visit the public records office for info but I thought that there must be books/photos about this time taken and written by locals.

The reason for this, as well as being interesting research is that I am currently restoring a passenger vessel called Tamar Belle (when it stops raining), which was commandeered by the RN and spent most of the war operating from Sheerness. This backed up by ministry info, but there is no further details of her activities during Dunkirk. The Dunkirk Association have details of her but nothing connecting her with the evacuation.

This is what I am trying to prove, but there seems to be no history of Sheerness at this point. I have compiled from despatches an outline of Sheerness's activities at this point in time with other named vessels that also were stationed there. It seems odd that mine isn't although her design offers close to perfection for the duties of the evacuation. So now I've bored you to death, is there any way of finding more details from Sheerness, whether from photos/books/personal records.

And if this has not been compiled, then I'll do it!

Can we do a deal?

cheers for now, Dave Crofts.