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30th November 2001

Very nice website. I am a fan of Sheppey (particularly Queenborough) and as 
I can't visit as often as I'd like your site is a welcome source of info and 

Can you help me? I am aware of a piece of tragic history that relates to 
Queenborough and I cannot find any details of it. I occurred to me that you 
might know.

You may know that the Jews of York were expelled and massacred in 12th 
Century (I think). Apparently at this time (my memory is dim and this is 
why I cannot remember the source of this story) a ship bound from York to 
Europe full of Jewish people moored off Queenborough. The Captain, 
presumably to avoid what he may have considered to be a wasteful journey, put 
the folk off the ship at low tide on the mud out from Deadmans Island. As 
the sea rose he refused them back aboard and they all drowned.

Not a very nice story but, is it true? Have you heard of this? I can 
understand why it may not appear in the Tourist History of Queenborough. But 
Is it history? Can you help?

Your thoughts would be most welcome.