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2nd February 2002


I just came across your's great although I haven't thoroughly explored it yet....

I was born in Sheerness....actually at Minster years ago!!!...My mother was also born in Sheerness and lived in Bluetown for many years until she one point we lived at #1 Merrick Rd. which I see is just around the corner from you....I can remember running those streets as a kid...I went to Broadway girls school and my brother went to Delamark Rd....I would love to be in touch with anyone from Sheerness...last time I was there was in Grandmother lived on the Queensway...she passed away some years ago now...but I have wonderful memories of Sheerness as a kid...and still remember some of the names of people I went to school with if you have any suggestions as to how I might reach anyone I would love to hear them...


Christine McGill

Toronto Canada