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August 24, 2000


My name is Erin Bross. I am wanting to trace my family tree. I know that my early family came from the Isle of Sheppey. They are the Narwood/Norwood family lines on my mothers side. They eventually became Browns after a marriage or two.


August 24, 2000

The map of Norwood Manor may interest you.

7th October 2001

Message for Erin Bross (August 24, 2000). My mother's maiden name is Norwood Brown. I also have the Norwood name as have my daughters. The Norwoods are descended from the House of Godwin and the original Norwood on the Isle of Sheppey's father was one Alnod who was a son of Harold Godwinson (King Harold II of England, died 14th October 1066 at the Battle of Hastings) by his mistress Edith "Swan Neck". The Norwoods were successful and, over the generations, were connected to the Lygon and Berkeley families. I have absolutely no idea how the Norwoods came to link with the Browns or indeed who the Browns were, but I'd love to find out - do you know?

21st February 2005

Srchname: Norwood

Message: My parents own Norwood Manor, as highlighted on your map. They are often asked to supply infomraiton regarding the Norwood Family history, please pass on theri e-mail address to the lady concerned (although I appreciate the original request is now years old!)

They can be contacted at